Yarn Along: Travel companions

by Renee

Ahhh – I have missed being here – on the blog and on Yarn Along. I have multiple freelance jobs coming in all at once to thank for this – very good in many ways, bad timing in others. This also means I have not done much knitting and reading (apart from editing said freelance jobs).

However, we are all flying to Canada next week to visit my family, so I am hoping to catch up on much-missed knitting time. I think my projects are starting to sulk! Here are the projects I’ll be taking with me (the kaftan, the little surprise and the cabling square for the afghan project):


Alas! I have checked with the airlines we are flying with and they don’t allow knitting on the plane (whaaaat?!?!?!? sob, sob!). Oh well. I am sure Bea will keep me very busy!

I am also looking forward to visiting and discovering yarn shops back home…ooooh…ahhhhh…

Looking forward seeing what everyone else has been knitting and reading.