Yarn Along: A dear friend

by Renee

It’s lovely to be yarning along again. We had a super special and lovely time in Canada. I also managed to do a wee bit of knitting.

YA31_1Remember that surprise project I had? Well, it is now finished and with the intended recipient: my dear gratitude buddy, Kim. Kim and I are blog friends and we met up in person for the first time when I visited Canada. She lives not very far away from where my parents live, so we decided to meet up for lunch (exactly a week ago today, actually). It was wonderful to finally meet her in person! More details about this in a blog post coming soon, so watch this space. Kim also wrote about our lovely meet up here. Thank you so much, my dear friend.


And guess what? She gave me some very sweet and special homemade pressies – and she got me this, from her local alpaca sheep farmers:


Ooooh – what shall I make with this beautiful skein of yarn? Thank you to Darius and Gypsy!

I have not done much reading, but I have just started listening to this. I love Michael Palin. His voice is so comforting and soothing, and he’s like some sort of kind, funny, long-lost uncle. I’d love to invite him to dinner and listen to all his travel tales.

Nice to be back here – hope you are all happily knitting and reading.