by Renee

It’s lovely to be back here after my mini blog hiatus. We were blessed with warm sunshiny days this weekend. Hurray for spring!

Bea turned twenty months old this weekend. How did that happen so quickly? We celebrated by going here – one of our favourite places.


We spent a lot of time in the woodland area of the park and I think Bea really connected with the trees (two in particular). She kept tapping, patting and hugging them. And kept saying ‘Hiiiiiiii!’ to whatever creatures she thought were living in the trees’ nooks and crannies.

We also visited our local CSA nursery where we got some young veggie plants for our garden and saw some friends. Bea loved exploring around the nursery looking at all the plants; playing with the water features and checking out the little lambs. We got Bea her very first set of gardening tools and she proceeded to put them all to good use in our garden for quite some time today.

Hopefully, spring is finally here! Enjoy the week ahead.

* Joining in with Amanda @ The Habit of Being