Make and Listen Along

by Renee

More freelance work has come my way this week (yay!), but this also means it’s a whole lot busier; more juggling, balancing and prioritizing are required. However, there was still time for some making and listening…


Bea and I made the above picture together. It pretty much sums up most of our days – walking hand in hand, admiring, sniffing and picking flowers. There are lots and lots of forget-me-nots…

Here are some tracks from our week:

‘Sing’ and ‘Rainbow Connection’ – these have been added to our list of bedtime songs – we love them!

‘Different Drum’ – Steve and I have been listening to various renditions of this; hoping to do our own version with some uke playing 🙂

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is making and listening to this week.

*Playing along with Dawn