Making and listening along

by Renee

In spite of all the busy-ness, there is always time for some making and listening, no matter how small.

This week saw us making lots of smoothies for some reason…warmer sunnier temps, perhaps? We think smoothies are for all seasons, anyhow.


I managed to squeeze in some rows for my long-forgotten and abandoned Wingspan scarf Β  (I find this always happens to projects that are for yourself).


I also made some play dough for Bea; however, I don’t think she was that keen on it. At least not yet. I think she’s not quite sure about the texture. Will try it again soon.


The Fab Four are always a hit with us Hilltoppers, and this week we’ve been listening to this. And while working and needing to concentrate (and drown out sounds of creepy ghost films being watched in the living room), I listened to this. Lovely, lovely.

Hope you are all having a fun week of making and listening.

* Playing along with Dawn