‘Mummy, sit…down!’

by Renee


Bea is developing and growing at a startling pace these days. She’s moving more. She’s faster. She’s louder. She’s talking more and more. She’s expanding her comfort zone and testing her boundaries…and mine.

And there’s me trying to keep up with her and everything else. The other day, while we were out in the garden ā€“ I was hanging the washing on the line, and she was just running around and exploring things as usual ā€“ she plopped down on the grass with the flowers she picked. She looked up at me and said, ‘Mummy, sit…down!’ and proceeded to pat the bit of grass next to her. She makes this demand request of me a lot more these days.

There are times I’ll stop and sit with her (I am hoping I do this more often than not); there are times when I say ‘Hang on a minute…’ and there are times when I say, ‘Sorry, darling, Mummy has to do this, and this, and this first…’


It was a day when I decided to sit. And I’m glad I did. We both truly enjoyed ourselves. We sat in the sunshine and ‘chatted’. We gave each other lots of hugs. We read stories. We horsed around and Bea climbed all over me while shrieking and squealing. We laughed a whole lot and we laughed loudly. It was one of those moments I’d like to remember always. Ā I’d like to bottle these memories so that I can take a sniff and savour them when I need reminding that life is good. That it’s all okay. That I am blessed. That I should be grateful. And I am.

Sit1 Sit3 Sit4

As I can’t bottle these moments, I guess the next best thing is to write them down and share them. So I can always remember them and all these simple, valuable lessons this very special little person is teaching me. Stop rushing around so much, Mummy. Pause. Just. Sit. Down.