by Renee


This weekend…

Has been a busy one workwise. I am extremely grateful for freelance work coming in…but why do they all come at the same time? Luckily, the jobs are varied and the schedules and deadlines are a bit staggered.

This means not much time for blogging or reading up on my favourite bloggers (sorry, dear friends! I will catch up soon…). Not much time for knitting (although I did manage to squeeze a few rows in).

However, time was made for the Hilltop gang – always. Lovely chats and lots of laughs. There was also time allocated for much-needed meditation and quiet. And there were breaks for a cup of tea or a cheeky hot chocolate. And Messrs Bump, Funny and Happy provided fun breaks from editing and picture research.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Wishing you all a happy week ahead.

* playing along with Amanda