Sheep Fair!

by Renee

signOnce a year, during the second weekend of September, the Findon Sheep Fair takes place in the village green of our quiet little village. For one day, families and people from all over take part in the fair, which has been going on since around 1785 (here’s a little bit of background in case you’d like to know more about our little village and the sheep fair). So off we headed to the village green in our wellies, scarves and hats on a gray autumnal morning. The sheep fair happens, rain or shine 🙂arrowsramNumerous individuals and organizations take part and there are lots of things going on: sheep and sheep dog demonstrations; tasty food and drink; arts and crafts; puppet shows; rides; stalls from local community groups; music; Morris dancing…there’s even barn dancing (complete with bales of hay!) for the whole family in the evening. It’s simply an all-around fun day.
crafts While Bea had her midday nap, I went back to the village green to give myself a bit of me/mama time. It was lovely to walk around by myself and visit the stalls, sample some of the tasty food on offer, bump into and catch up with some friends and simply soak up the atmosphere. It was good to speak to vendors about their crafts and wares; check out the local beekeepers’ and smallholders’ associations; and watch the sheep and their owners collect prizes, trophies and rosettes.
Sheep Fair_tractorThis is Bea’s third sheep fair. The first time we took her, she was only three weeks old, and how she’s changed over the past couple of years. This year, it was more fun as she was more involved and took a lot more things in. Suddenly, the sheep fair has taken an extra dimension for me and Steve. Who would have thought I’d be hanging around carousels and bouncy castles again? But we did just that and we all loved it. Bea reminded me to be childlike and to laugh out loud with delight. The fair rides were very ‘old timey’ and provided a sweet, nostalgic feel.
carousel hilltoppersbouncy

It was a lovely time and we all enjoyed it. I think the above picture sums up our day nicely. We’re already looking forward to next year’s sheep fair – wanna join us? We love our little village.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

*** joining in with Amanda for Weekending