Girl talk

by Renee

Me and Bea ~ taken during one of our walks.

Me and Bea ~ taken during one of our walks.

There have been so many changes and developments in Bea since she turned two. Huge growth and massive strides in all aspects. And, oh, the language development – it has just exploded! Even past tenses and plural forms are there. Sometimes she says things and I’m not quite sure where she’s picked them up. Astounding and funny; sometimes slightly worrying (haha!). Suddenly, she has opinions on almost everything and she is not afraid to express them.

Her communication skills are becoming more and more sophisticated. Yes, bananas are still ‘bandamees’; animals are sometimes still ‘amees’; hold on is ‘hondon’. I will actually miss these Beabea-isms said in her small, sweet voice when she actually learns how to say the words properly. She also loves giving and asking for ‘happy hugs’, especially when she needs some reassurance and comfort.

We now have lots of little chats…like these:

Me: (after selecting some crafty bits from a shop) Let’s go and pay the lady…show her what you have in your hand…
Bea: It’s a man… (she’s right, the lady left the cash register and a man took over)
Man: Hello!
Me: (to Bea) Would you like to say hello?
Bea: Hello, Man!
Man: (laughing) I’ve been called a lot worse.

Me: (singing along with Carole King) ‘And it’s too late, baby, noooow it’s too late…’
Bea: ‘It’s too late, baby’ she says, Mummy.
Me: That’s right, Beabea! She is saying ‘It’s too late’.
Bea: Baby needs to go to sleep, Mummy.

(Me and Bea playing with her animals and building blocks)
Bea: Pig goes in the bird table, Mummy.
Me: Oh yeah?
Bea: For a swim!
Me: Oh…like doggie paddle?
Bea: NO! Piggy paddle!

(Me and Bea looking out of her bedroom window, admiring the moon. She loves the moon.)
Me: You know, some people have gone to the moon. Would you like to go to the moon?
Bea: (smiles and nods – looks like she really likes this idea!)
Me: And they have to wear special suits…and big helmets! Would you like to wear a special suit and a big helmet when you go to the moon?
Bea: No…a fairy dress and a pink crown!

Yes, there are times when growing pains and toddler challenges totally wipe me out and infuriate and frustrate me to my wits’ end. But I do the best I can and choose to focus on things like the above – the times that make me laugh out loud and fill me with such gratitude and joy. Oh, how I look forward to having heart-to-heart chats with my girl one day.