Yoga in a yurt

by Renee

Yoga in a yurt

Last weekend, I began my yoga teacher training course with four 12-hour days in this yurt. I’ve been looking forward to this so much. In those four days, I’ve already learned so much about, well, so much!

I am still digesting all the things learned and sifting through all the emotions and thoughts…so I will simply list down all the things I am grateful for during those first four days of training; all the things I’d like to remember:

~ early morning chats in the car with Steve who took me to my training sessions and then picked me up at the end of the day
~ yoga in the early morning darkness; candles and fairly lights aglow in the yurt…it was magical
~ making new connections with wonderful like-minded people
~ feeling my body come alive during the vinyasa flow sequences
~ my confidence and strength already growing on so many levels
~ learning so much about myself and gratefully (and gracefully) accepting it
~ community and sitting in a circle – so much support and sharing
~ joy and laughter
~ simple food that tastes so good and makes you feel good
~ the stillness and alertness that comes with meditation (both seated and walking)
~ compost loo!
~ being surrounded by nature…trees, horses neighing, hills, winds and hard rain (so cozy in the yurt!)
~ wood burner in the yurt
~ cups and cups of tea
~ restorative yoga
~ Steve and Bea picking me up at the end of each day – so good to come back home to my little family
~ watching the relationship between Steve and Bea blossom as I was away for long periods of time (this is the first time I’ve left Bea for this duration ever since she was born – it was a steep learning curve for all of us)
~ last but not least: Ma and Pa Ultimo – for coming over to help look after Bea and all of us so well – thank you for helping me make my dream come true!

So now, I also have course work and daily yoga+meditation practice to do. Yes, my plate is full, but it’s full of good things that I love and it’s doing me a whole lot of good.

Roll on the next teacher training weekend!