‘When I’m bigger…’

by Renee

BiggerThese days, Bea really would like to do things by herself or on her own as much as possible. In her own words, here are some of the things she’d like to do when she’s bigger:

~ have feet reach the floor when sitting on big chair

~ use scissors/cheese grater/knife (anything sharp) all by self

~  go to the moon wearing fairy stuff

~ drive car

~ light a fire and use the pokers by the wood burner

~ ride a tiger shaw (tricycle)

~ ride a magic carpet

~ use lipstick and nail polish (just like her auntie roz! haha!)

And so much more…I wish I could remember them all!

And then I think…when you’re bigger I am sure I will miss:

~ these slow, sweet, quiet (at times extremely challenging) days

~ you playing at my feet while I cook dinner

~ you following me around, chatting non-stop, pausing to make sure I am listening, waiting for my responses

~ your sweet happy hugs

~ you jumping on me for a piggy back

~ you insisting on holding my hand while I brush my teeth

~ your almost constant demands for stories and more books to be read to you

~ being the centre of your world

~ being enough to soothe all your aches, worries and pains

~ you falling asleep on my lap in my arms; you still fitting on my lap

~ you still being light enough and me strong enough to carry you when you want to be carried

Let’s not wish it away, my Beabea. Let’s enjoy and be grateful for every moment and live each day to its fullest.