Hello, 2014!

by Renee

My word of the year for 2013 was JOY. There was indeed such a lot of joy in the past year, and I am so very grateful. However, 2013 also brought its share of lessons and challenges for me. So much so that I found its last few months a bit of an uphill struggle.

As a result, my word for 2014 came naturally and it won’t be a big surprise. As soon as it came to me, I knew this was my word for the year: EASE.

Ease into the year. Go easy on myself – be kinder, more compassionate and more loving. Ease into changes. Face every experience, every lesson, every challenge with grace and ease.

No banging of head on brick walls; no worries.

Less swimming upstream; less riding uphill.

Go with what comes naturally; go with what feels right; go with the flow.

Listen to my gut instinct, which, not surprisingly, always knows the perfect path that will unfold with ease.

Keep things light. Keep things simple.

Ease. I really like that. Nothing big. Nothing fancy. Nothing too ambitious. Just easy, plain and simple.

Already, things are unfolding naturally and happily – my gratitude buddy and I have decided to keep on with our daily practice of emailing each other our gratitude lists (thank you, Kim!). I have now also written my Mondo Beyondo list for 2014. More dreaming. More manifesting. More living fully. With a whole lot of ease.

Wishing you all a bright, blessed, healthy, happy and joyous 2014!