by Renee


My dearest lovely Bea…today you are three! Every time your special day comes around, I revisit our birthing story and I marvel at how much you’ve grown and changed in such a short span of time. I’ve changed, too, but in gradual, subtle and less noticeable ways. Today, we went here, and we all had a lovely time in the woodland playground.


There are so many things and milestones I’d like to always remember about this year. You started nursery; we’re working on potty training fully; you’re gaining more and more confidence every day, in every way. You so love to sing and chat and ask questions (oh. so. very. many. questions!). You love role playing and your imagination is boundless – a constant source of joy and laughter. You love talking to your toy animals and I have to do voices for all of them and let them have conversations with you, regardless of the time of day (sometimes waking me up to do it at around 5 or 6am…). You love crafting, drawing, cutting and colouring. You love playgrounds, running and walking. You love princesses and Frozen. You love dinosaurs, fairies and skulls. You love building and sandpits and carousels and books and reading. You are loud and full of life and energy. You have (big) meltdowns when you are frustrated, hungry or tired. You are sweet, thoughtful, funny, clever and affectionate. You are beautiful and wonderful. You are a joy.



I love that you march to the beat of your own drum and have your own mind. I admire your fiery and feisty personality, so unlike mine. I love how you stand back, observe, learn and scrutinize. I love when you tell me that we will be ‘best friends forever’, and when you tell me that you will always love me and look after me even when you are BIG. I love how you can’t say the letter ‘S’ at the beginning of some words yet…spoon = poon; small = pall; spike = pike; sparkly = parkly. I love your sweet little voice, which can go so big and so loud when you want it to. I’d love to bottle this small sweet voice and keep it with me forever. I love how you try and give things your best shot; how you ‘practice’.


I love how you make me a better person. How you make me want to be a better person so that I can give you the best examples possible. So that I can be the best mom I can be for you. Daily. Always. I don’t always succeed, but you don’t seem to mind. I love your forgiveness and acceptance. I love how you push my boundaries and comfort zones. How you make me softer, rounder, harder, but also more yielding and resilient all at the same time. I love how you make me focus on the now, the present, and make me think on my feet; how you make me resourceful and innovative. I love how you make me live, love and enjoy every moment…even though some of these times are truly and utterly frustrating, exhausting, overwhelming and difficult. I love that we always connect, reconnect, forgive and fall back on trust and love. There is always love. So, so much of it.


Happy 3rd birthday my dear sweet girl – my best teacher and guide. I love you so much. Always, you make me feel so grateful.