Little sweet things like this

by Renee

While I was washing dishes this evening, Steve decided to show Bea some pictures in this book. She loved looking through it, but there was one work in particular that totally captivated her…

(The Dream, Henri Rousseau, 1910 – lo-res image from Wikimedia Commons)

(The Dream, Henri Rousseau, 1910 – lo-res image from Wikimedia Commons)


And from these little moments, funny and magical conversations such as these ensue:

Steve: Why is there a sofa in the jungle???
Bea: Why does the lady have no clothes?
Steve: I think maybe it’s because it’s hot and humid in the jungle…
Bea: No. She thinks clothes are silly.

This was just part of their art critique. Bea’s art critique in particular. She loved the lions; she speculated about most of the things in the picture and asked so many questions. She then asked me why I thought the lady had no clothes. I said it’s because there is a waterfall nearby and she went for a swim…and now she’s just resting and drying off… Bea looked like she was mulling over my interpretation; she seemed more convinced by it than Steve’s anyway – hahah! She then proceeded to ask me where the lady’s clothes are if that’s the case…

Little sweet things like this. Every day. I’d love to stamp them in my memory and bottle them forever.