Hello! My name is Renee – welcome to my blog.

I am not quite sure how to write about myself, so I thought a Q&A might be the best place to start…

What do you do?
In a nutshell: I am a mom, a yoga teacher and a freelance editor.

Why do you blog?
I mainly blog to keep in touch with family and friends. However, I’ve also discovered that blogging is a wonderful creative outlet. It allows me to come across other like-minded and truly inspiring people, and to tap into a supportive network and community. It’s a great way to document and share the things I’d like to remember. It makes me focus on the positive things, the good things.

What do you blog about?
Daily blessings and joys. Motherhood. Journey towards simplicity and being much kinder to the Earth, others and myself. Creative projects and pursuits. Dreams and goals. Being mindful. Being grateful.

Why ‘Adventures at Hilltop’?
We live in a house called Hilltop in a small, quiet village in West Sussex, UK. This is where it all happens for us. I’d like to think every day could be an exciting adventure if we make it that way.

Why ‘living, dreaming and manifesting’?
My blog subtitle helps me to keep my goals in mind, while also reminding me to really enjoy the journey and the now. If I write my dreams down, it makes me accountable and more likely to manifest them and make them come true (that’s the plan, anyway!).

Enjoy your visit and hope to see you again soon.